Some things happen unintentionally. Accidentally. Somehow. On the occasion. All by themselves. That’s what happened with a little big project that, well, changed our lives a bit. And we plan on getting yours too.

Motherhood changes. And although we are far from clichéd slogans, in our case it was so. Family life has changed, but so have we. We discovered new spaces of interesting knowledge and opportunities to action. We discovered how exciting, also scientifically, parenting can be. We have discovered how much can be done on this field. But most of all, we discovered how important it is to support women. Our mutual support.

The mother is the most important thing in motherhood. The success of the entire mission depends on meeting her needs. That’s why we became doulas. That’s why Makatka was created. And Makatka means tapestry. A maternity tapestry, a unique pattern and weave for each of us. We want to help you weave yours.

photo by  Weronika Jakubowska Fotografia